BusMQ is a production grade message bus for node.js backed by Redis queues.



There are several exiting node modules that provide great queues-backed-by-redis functionality, such as Kue, Bull and Convoy, so what's so special about busmq?

Although seemingly the other modules provide similar features, they lack a very specific feature that's required for a reliable message queue: guaranteed order. Jobs is the main focus for these modules, whereas busmq focuses on messages.

Inherently, job processing does not require a certain order - if a job fails it can simply be retried at a later time with (usually) no ill-effects. However, message processing is very order dependant - if you receive a message out of order then there's no telling what the consequences may be. A good example is TCP message order importance - clients are guaranteed that TCP packets are always received in the correct order. That's what busmq focuses on, which makes busmq much more like RabbitMQ rather than a generic queueing system.

Of course, the other modules may double as messages queues, but that's just not their main focus. In addition, busmq provides built-in features for peer-to-peer communication, scaling, high-availability and federation which are extremely important for a reliable messaging system.

High Availability and Scaling

Scaling is achieved by spreading queues and channels between multiple redis instances. The redis instance is selected by performing a calculation on the queue/channel name. If the redis instances are added and the designated redis instance of a queue changes because of it then the bus will still find the correct redis instance. There will be some time penalty until the system stabilizes after the addition.

High availability for redis is achieved by using standard redis high availability setups, such as Redis Cluster, Redis Sentinal or AWS ElasticCache


npm install --save busmq


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Browser Support

See Usage#Browser Support


Redis server must be installed to run the tests, but does not need to be running. Download redis from https://redis.io.

./node_modules/mocha/bin/mocha test