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Our Projects


A production grade, high performance, highly available and scalable message bus for node.js (backed by Redis)


Agent for on-premise software management. Secure installation, configuration, running and continuous monitoring of signed modules.


Serverless SAML IDP for testing SAML integrations. Emulates a SAML IDP server, but it runs in the browser.


Node.js forward proxy http/https module agent. Supports Basic and NTLM authentications.


Guaranteed delivery for Works in node and in the browser.


Log rotation in pure javascript. Rotates and compresses on schedule, by size.


Enable node to use system wide certificate authorities in conjunction with bundled root CAs.


Nab, Grab and Benchmark URLs. Check request duration and errors using multiple concurrent connections.


Redis based scheduler for dynamically created intervaled tasks.


Cross browser resource caching with offline support.


A webpack plug-in to precompile handlebar templates directories into concatenated files.

At capriza we created a powerful platform to simplify and transform traditional web applications into mobile micro-apps we call Zapps.

The capriza platform is a globally distributed cloud service, with several components that can be installed on-premise, in the cloud or in a hybrid environment.

A strong backend service, a unique runtime engine and a great looking frontend application don't just happen by themselves. Great technology went into the creation of this solution, and we're excited to share some of it with the open source community.